One Hundred Seventh

Reading this morning
Of deliverances
The hundred seventh psalm.
God and his loving kindness
The wandering victimized
Find home and provision
The errant come out from
Behind bars of confinement
The lesson learned.
The infirm delight in
His Word of healing
Vigour re-established
For rejoicing.
Oh that men would praise Him.
He looks upon wee mortals
Rolling in the delirium
Of natural disasters
The sea in its pitching wrath
He brings calm and a haven of rest.
Abused are given new homes
Promising bountiful crops.
Delightful watercourses.
The wicked will lose
Their wrongful gain
Abandoned to desert places
Of wailing and vultures.
Oh that men would praise Him
He only does good and right.
Our Rescuer and King.

Beyond Words to Brokenness

Beyond Words to Brokenness

Spend a couple of services with a promising church assembly. Listen to their language
It is infectious and you begin to sound “holy”.
This can continue for years. A charade of “sounds like”. The next development would probably take in self-improvement. Oh yeah gimmee some of that and I could be so much more greatly used.
Then comes the victory message and overcoming. Sells very well. Devil is defeated. Sickness quickly cleaned up. Money rolls in. Derision dries up and reputation is vindicated. Sadly God is expected to lower Himself to the position of delivery boy. Not going to move us one foot closer to Jesus.
Fetch this…fetch that…and speedily.
But the Man of Galilee was constantly battered and broken. For the slander and abuse and misrepresentation. For the hurt and humiliation of the poor and bruised. For the state of posturing, hypocritical religion all around. For the slowness of his disciples to learn the real commissioning. The vital connection in the True Vine. The Life being assimilated as sap flow.
With the brokennes God draws near. Teaches through His whisperings and comfort. And we absorb more of His nature and agenda. Scriptures become increasingly precious. Closeness to our Lord. No longer shopping lists. Ears of compassion now wide open for signals of need or quandary.
Forget about imitation, language and play-acting…OK?
Graduate by submitting to Jesus and His sovereignty. The love slave is never burdened by the yoke of connection. (Matthew 11). He delights in the shared tasks.

Are You Content?


What does it take
To stop the scrambling
The must have or the
Must be seen doing?
It never stops unless killed
Mortified is the word
Paul used to Colossians.
Brought to naught
By the pull of some
Greater affection.
Ignored to death.
That’s the key.
And the target for
Such affection is Jesus.
His earth walk, compassion
And countless hopeful promises.
His engagements with you.
Oh that sin?
That predisposition to folly?
Where did it go?
Don’t know, don’t care
What a wonderful freedom
This Grace affords!
To an undeserving
Servant of the King.

Entirely Clear, This Nathaniel

“A man in whom
There is no guile”
That’s what He said of me.
The Nazarene
And I made light of His
Home Town.
But He passed by such rudeness
He wanted my help
My allegiance
My hopes and dreams.
Hadn’t He known
My secret views
Of Jacob’s Ladder?
Of Heaven for the attaining?
But no guile?
I wonder as I think now
About the old verses
On guile. (Psalms 32, 34 and 55)
Oh I had some, alright
Was He speaking in faith?
Knowing what would come
In progressive measure
In the new creation.
In gentle rebuke?
In encouragement?
He always seemed to think
The best and to draw it out
Of the bunch of us.
We were so fortunate
In the wanderings together
The stories told
The hungry hearts mended
The comforts given to the bruised.
And then we ran
We ran in terror.
When clanking armour
And fake phylacteries
Did their worst.
The Cross event
Only John attended.
With the Lord’s Mother.
The Master saw beyond the grave
Made it beyond the grave
Bringing our greatest hope to life
And yes, I want to be
Entirely clear about this
Entirely bold
And without guile.
He is risen. Jesus is risen indeed.

Nathaniel (less frequently, Nathanel, Nathanael or Nathanial) is a given name derived from the Greek form of the Hebrew נְתַנְאֵל (Netan’el), meaning “God/El has given” or “Gift of God/El.”