Dependency Touches Great Power

In the greatest shows of Power

Father you are all

In the thunder and the showers

Father you are all.

In the forest balance kept

Father you are all

In the days when Goodness wept

Father you are all

In the Truth that spans the years

Father you are all

In the rescues ending tears

Father you are all.

What must I to please you now?

Father you are all

Use your Love to keep each vow

Father you are all.

Tell the world of Calvary’s gain

Father you are all

Family made through Jesus’ pain

Father you are all.

Friends with the Holiest

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In His Upper Room meal with His disciples on the night of His arrest Jesus said, “Henceforth I call you friends”. (John 15)

A Friend who listens big time; who offers gentle suggestions toward relief; who cuts you lots of slack; who will stand in the gap; who seems to give you all of His attention when needed; who understands a great deal of your pain and perplexity; who will share your greatest joys in ways never to be forgotten.

And this is the eternal Son of God. Participant in Creation. Tale-spinner of the glorious Kingdom of Heaven. Eager healer of the afflicted. Chastiser of the hypocritical and insensitive. Blood-letter in the great and final Atonement. Intercessor of your needs before the Heavenly Father. Preparer of those fascinating Heavenly mansions still to be enjoyed.

When the Apostle Paul said in Philippians “Rejoice in the Lord” he meant it with every fibre of his being. He proved that he could rejoice and triumph in any set of circumstances because he was friends with the Holiest. The conclusion of things would be glorious (Romans 8).

Slip-Up Condemning

How dare that I return there

To thoughts and paths of night

Regenerated I was told

And all my ways made right.

Such joy the Spirit placed inside

And Jesus’ passion paid

For every stumbling in my past

And each transgression made.

This day I hear Old Slewfoot’s voice

“You think that you are saved?

The stuff you just let loose old Chap

So selfish and depraved.”

What’s to be done? Correction?

I must repent again

And tighter hold God’s Covenant

His Love remove the pain.

A still small Voice now takes the field

And shoves the guilt aside

This little bird has access sweet

Beneath God’s wings to hide.

Creative Crisis

And so much for “gentle wooing” in the New Birth.

the old Puritans talked about a sorry night for sin…a storm before the calm. We will experience the same in our own disposition, pain and circumstances. But then the endearing, smiling face of Jesus settles all the rough waters.

I am told that the Alpha Study phenomenon allows inquirers to meet, share a meal, listen to many testimonies of change and rescue, slowly discover individually new features of Jesus in the dialogue. Sin, repentance and Bible portions avoided, they say, for a comfortable landing. This is head knowledge and very subjective. It is not the Way of Salvation described above. Read the little letter of Jude.

(Pages in the above picture taken from Oswald Chambers, Daily Thoughts for Disciples.)


Have this post

As I am able

Serve the Church

And burden bear

Know it helps

And teaching sometimes

Find my Purpose

Often there.

Couldn’t see

Another challenge

But these days

A check has come

Where is Jesus

In my efforts?

Worship my works?

This wayward Son?

Time to pause

And check the bearings

Giving Spirit

Room to move.

Re-aligned to

Fresher leadings.

Nothing beats

The Saviour’s Love.

Zechariah Chapter Three

Joshua just look at you

Your garb as neighbouring Clans

Your robe all spotted with neglect

Your dirty tongue and hands.

Too casual with Lord of Hosts

And tickling others’ ears

With messages too calm to rouse

And yielding to their fears.

An Angel intervenes and stops

The Devil’s sham charade

“This one God chose

And will adorn with linen white


With mitre rich upon his head

Anointing Heaven made.

New words will stir up holiness

New deeds in mercy shown.

The oracles of God now his

By God ordained and known.”

So Which Church?

They wanted to know

Where I go to church

Where I go to church

And I hang my hat

They needed a label

They needed a clue

How I would praise

Which version of scripture

Would take me right through.

The Holy Spirit?

Did He prompt o’er the top.

Was it possible that

Grace might stop.

Oh what a weariness

Yes what a pain

To answer these questions

Time and again.

When all that unites

Bringing unfailing trust

Is the Blood of the Cross

And the Saviour’s deep prayer

The Tomb found quite empty

No sorry corpse there.

The sweet resurrection

The promised return

The beggarly posture

And sore Night for sin

The new family likeness

Not fashioned or earned.

Adversity (Psalm 31)

It baffles and it bruises

Such wounding from the lost

Such questioning Messiah

His Passion at great cost.

His messages of Glory

Of freedom from sin’s weight

Made target for the ridicule

The crude insults and hate.

But most of all grave slander

Of all Jehovah gives

Yet only by His Mercy

Does each detractor live.

Might they observe the Passion

With newly opened eyes

Might they rise from the hovel

To own Victorious skies. (the Bottom Line with Psalm 31)

Dusty Feet

I may be Grace

I may be sweet

And showing Love

With dusty feet.

BUT don’t you

Touch my kin

Entice with leering sin

Oppress where ever you can.

I will step in

My Man.

And show such

Powers to Hell

A Warrior trained well

Who calls the Sea to roar

And hail like

Never before.

Whose arrows lightning quick.

Will help the weak

The sick.

No DON’T you mess

With mine.

Repent while there’s

Still time.