I Was Wrong

Had been deceitful

And manipulative

Luring many good people

Into risky investment

Time shares in a theme park.

Worshipping Big Money

Claiming repeatedly “God’s will. God’s will”.

But for years a cover-up

That woman, that hotel

That lust in which I fell.

It had to come out

In spite of all I did, my wife did

For sake of restitution.

Helping many marriages.

That other woman, the “strange woman” ( Proverbs 2: 16-18)

Took the pay-off together

With co-conspirators, not once but often.

The exposure of scandal

The shame

The mockery

The media circus

The official inquisition and sentence.

Prison and a divorce.

Despair beyond imagination.

But there was this Prison Chaplain.

Who listened and did not judge

Who gave hope, supernaturally

I became the New Man

Repentant, cleansed, forgiven and free.

I was wrong…before

This I know as God’s Truth

Or my name isn’t Jim Bakker.


So many traps and pitfalls

Dark hazards dot the land

The Vote and Virus fill the news

As demons must have planned

We’re captured by the footage

So little part to play

Keep sound and safe and hopeful

For sun some other day.

But such is not the calling

Believers wield much more

As children of the Most High God

Their Word and prayers implore

This time to clean up rubble

That clogs the Spirit’s flow

He cleans the concentration

More vital Word to know

More intimate connection

As spirit ears refine

And God says move and mend and help

Anointed now, you’re MINE.

Read Acts 10: 38


So far away it seems

In frigid first month white

Where virus foments fear

And Liberty lost in Night

The faces are masked off

No smiles are coming out.

And fear abounds big time

The good old stuff in doubt

We’re told to stay apart

Can’t hardly venture out

But swift there comes a view

Of summer’s joys abroad

The pine scent and the dew

The warming fires of God.

That they might come again

Assembled in good will

And laughing songs of men

Embracing warmly still.

The Year

From beautiful blog Balanced Wanderlust. Picture of snowy Bern.

Could this be the year?

The promise held on to

Sometimes tenuously

Often with tears

Comes to pass, or

Shows itself strikingly

On faith’s horizon.

A healing

A peace to the heart

A reconciliation

A life’s love

An increase in harvest

A baby’s bedroom

A newfound trust in justice

In equity.

In peace between tribes.

In powers who serve.

In feeding the starving

In bold loving petitions

In comforting the one in jail

Or in hospital.

In God’s grandeur

Startling, drawing the Lost.

May it be so Dear Father

For many

For me and mine

Worthy is Your Name.

Exposed and Put Down

If American Conservatives of faith are correct, and the pile of evidence keeps getting larger for corruption in high places, for ballot theft, for bugged ballot counting equipment, for foreign fraudulent voter interference (Venezuela, Italy), then we would be wise to pray for a mighty re-examination on January 6th. We should also pray for courage and protection for VP Pence. He has the constitutional power to de-certify the Electors of four to seven states in contention for rigging.

Other challenges raise questions of the legality/criminality of actions by the Dept of Justice, CIA, Congress, former President Obama, both political parties and Big Manipulative Business.

I remember reading a novel by Nobel prize winner Jose Saramago. It was entitled SEEING, and it was a sequel to the book and the movie BLINDNESS.

A much ignored election in a capital city in a country un-named is forced to be repeated because of bad weather turnout. The second vote shows a majority of voters refusing to participate. It is their way of saying NO to the system, rhetoric, false promises and side-pocket journalism. The Mayor and top council people go ballistic.

The City powers think that this is a huge “insult to democracy”. Eventually the governing population moves out of town. For a while the citizens do well on their own. But then an intelligence force directed by the Mayor engages in clandestine, murderous surveillance, trying to identify the source/s of such sedition”. But who is who here?

Very fascinating reading and close to the truth in many western “democracies” today. Government by the people, for the people has been lost unless a current re-action gains sudden, almost miraculous clout in the Republic of the Great Experiment.

A huge demonstration is being organized in Washington DC for the sixth. Churches are being encouraged to go wide open on Sunday the third. Phones will be ringing to Representatives and Senators. Posters will be placed stating “Folks, now let’s get honest and thorough”.

Donald Trump is a fighter, persistent, independently wealthy and usually obnoxious in personal manner. But do not be deceived that the issue at this point is about personalities. It is about whether light or darkness will emanate from the high initiating places, and will they remain accountable.

The Holy Yardstick

Can’t help it these days

Nope, comes with the territory

Redeemed from a mess

By His most precious Blood

All of Grace

None of me

So very thankful.

But folks somewhat close

Know of the change

Know of the transformed mainspring

Creeps many of them out.

They look for the faults in the plaster

They grimace and whisper.

And I must persevere, smile and pray.

There is that Harvest Jesus mentioned.

Lord, consider my friends, if you will.


Used to be

A slew of cards

Would deck the cord

Pinned along den wall.

Postman come to call.

And feted with a taste

Of egg nog rare.

Goodwill would fill

The frigid air

And next door neighbour there

Would scrape his driveway clean

Of snowfall fresh pristine.

…But now all is online

The rapid words unwind

Without a touch or pen.

Would that we shared

Christmas cards again.

Stretched out a welcome hand

Blessed in small ways planned.

Embraced some special One

Delighting in God’s Son.