Thinking of Steve and Lauren’s fast-approaching Day:


arrival on horses


It’s come at last!
The two of you
Stand tall and true
And gladly set
To see life through.
A pledge of joy
That makes God smile
And witnessed here
By friends who care
That Grace will lead you
Through good and bad
The twain are one
Though come the rains
Or come the sun.
A settling and a trust
And patience from above
It feels so right
And warms the heart.
You two will build.
Traditions start.
As memories bloom
And kindness shown.
Now she is yours
And he your own.


Mostly for Lauren’s Eyes


These could be read in the reception program…but I need some guidance as to time and desired atmosphere in and through the poems. The last one is a commentary most appropriate to late September…

Do you see things here that we could use? Certainly not all of them.


The Eighty-fourth



There is a man

Who has traversed

Dry valleys of frustration

Who has wept

Not knowing how

To step away from darkness

To find blessed rescue

But he knows his God

He holds on

Love WILL prevail

Supernatural springs

Will creep up

And flower with delight.

Often much before

The rains that others awaited.

He has passed through

The valley of tears (baca)

He has laughed

Realizing the new strength

Now available for others.

Rejoice Evermore



This only to do

When circumstance roars

When all seems but loss

Right now is He yours?

Could He be the culprit

Behind this attack

Some test or display

In face of your lack?

But you have been purchased

The precious blood spent

And He is all love

So what here is meant?

For nothing gets past Him

No nothing prevails

But Jesus your shepherd

And He hears your wails.

Rejoice Friend

You ‘ve conquered

Not death nor the grave

Can de-rail

Your journey

Nor His plan to save.

How precious the letter*

That shows these two words

And your wondrous knowledge

That you are the Lord’s.


(*1 Thessalonians 5: 16-23)