Casting Off Those Tinsel Treats

So much has gone

Has lost its tang

The stories crude

The crowd who sang

The sporting life

An idol’s snare

The “news at ten”

No Good News there.

And I can hear

Another drum

Apace with Christ

His Kingdom come.

The old Scots seer (* Samuel Rutherford)

Called “tinsel treats”

The average fare

The godless meet.

He urged us to

A higher Zone

As Christ-adored

His precious own

With works to do

Delightful Call.

To rescue folk

From Adam’s Fall.


All golden ‘neath a cloud specked sky
And stretching up the hill
Has met with weather’s ups and downs
Now headed for the mill.
The food to bless the nation’s fare
Was close to dirt at first
But now affords a comfort rare
To those who ache and thirst.
The Bread of Life the wheat stalks bear
But breaking, crushing comes
And so are we the wheat all “white”
Dispensed to faithful homes.

Psalm 139

For ages I put the wrong emphasis

On words in this majestic poem.

God is everywhere

Can’t escape His gaze or knowledge.

Wherever I go; whatever I do

He shows up automatically.

The high places, or low

The marketplace with its challenges.

The deadly places.

Even the darkness is light to Him.

And there I was, fearing His gaze

His awareness.

But the Holy Ghost gave my head a shake.

“Yes He knows, is there.

Watching out for me.

Looking for ways to bless.

Suggesting the right turn in the path.“

I am His kid.

He is the Heavenly Father.

Comforting to know…oh yes.

And bracing for adventures.


I see it in you

The confused look

Sensitive to reactions

Evidently approval hunting.

Will any old wives’ tales

Still do the trick?

It’s making you sick

All the past stumbles

Those fumbles not

Politically correct.

What would folks expect?

But you have heard Words

From the Carpenter.

Standards without hope of arrival

Barring some new hallowed input

For heart survival.

Yep you’re ready.

Hold steady.



Have you noticed how so many of the Psalms show David discouraged or undergoing attack or slander. Sounds almost paranoid. Remember Psalm 23 speaking of going through the valley of the shadow of death. We thought it referred to a time of especially bad experience or mourning.

But…it is actually our mortal sphere at any time apart from faith and hope. The unregenerate will take the downer road, expecting Murphy’s law, wishing ill to others because misery loves company. The devil plays upon such a pre-disposition.

Read several times the 73rd psalm. It pinpoints the solution and the turnaround. We used to occupy such dark places. We still can through unbelief or self-pity. But joy remains for the asking.

Culture a practice of thanksgiving. In 2 Corinthians 10 Paul spoke of a warfare casting down imaginations and every thought rising up against the knowledge of God. Consequently he lived in a state of readiness and contentment.


Joshua Chapter Nine

Joshua and his camp were approached by some of the men of Gibeon. They lied claiming that they came from a distant place. They had made themselves up to look the part. This was their ploy to avoid a difficult resolution with the nearby Israelites. Through falsehood they secured an oath of alliance and support.

When the deception was found out the Israelites still felt bound by oath. But they forced the Gibeonites to serve as menial labourers and not as warriors.

Soon thereafter five kings prepared to attack Gibeon. A call was put out for Joshua. In unqualified forgiveness he came to the rescue. He also secured that ‘let the sun stand still’ sign and miracle at that time.

After that demonstration of mercy and fidelity to a promise, Israel secured many victories in taking the land. How much of this parallels the account of Jesus? True to promise. Forgiving. Undergirding. Bringing in the victory. Opening up Heaven.

Note: It is far more important to testify of prophecies fulfilled in Jesus, than prophecies yet to be fulfilled. The former will reinforce the majesty and truth and victory of our Saviour and Shepherd. The latter tends to produce fear and undeserved certainty. End times students often get big heads. They KNOW how it is all coming down. Just look at 2 Timothy 3. Reads like today’s headlines.

This whole package is a tributary to the main stream of Gospel grace and mercy. Keep things in proper priority. Please.

Beautifies the Meek

I see it in that one

Over in the corner

Quiet but offering gentle smiles

Never the focus.

Others bellow

Platitudes and puff.

He remembers

Dark and lonely

Dread and desperation.

But gives thanks now

The rescues did arrive.

He will be prime

In the New Order

That I decree

Patience, equity

Listening, lifting

Feeling the needs.

Much of the Spirit

Of my Son

In that one.