Hear Us


As we stumble

Hearts aligned

Please the words

Our praise to shine

Please the words

To claim your worth

Lord of angels

Lord of earth

Blessed Father

Keep us right

Hold us safe

Through terror’s night

Why then must

Complaints be heard

You have comforts

In your Word

Pledges constant

Just like you


You’ll see us through.



As It Should Be

Land of Uprightness

Take me there
And keep me there
Father Most High
Righteousness abounds
Peace is our eternal prospect
One stands tall
Always in your sight
And without fear
Or confusion
On level ground
Not leaning forward
In presumption
Or vain ambition of men
Not leaning backward
In craven fear
Or double-mindedness
But treasuring the now
Compassionate and generous
Blessed by challenges
To know thy will
To hear thy gracious Spirit
To be withdrawn
From troubles
Though seemingly
The special target
Of many wicked
And slander’s tongues
This side of Glory
And Glory is certain destination
Inheritance eternal
Ruling and dominion
In the Morning.

(Consider Psalms 143, 37, 64, 112 and 49)