Glorify Thy Name (John 12)

Waterloo area spring turnover

Some men inquire

Wish to see my Son

Have heard of miracles

Dissertations of joy.

But He speaks now

Of lifting up

Of bleeding

And a seed’s burial.

To assure a crop.

Father glorify thy name.

Son I have glorified it

Will glorify again.

The angel choir

Singing peace on earth

A perfect life arrived.

The waters of Jordan

Where I used

Psalmist words of promise 

And you submitted.

The Mount of Prayer

Finding you in converse

Moses and Elijah

Affirming your path.

And now here in procession

Down from Olivet

Palms waving overhead.

Smiling faces all around

Cheering “peace in heaven”.

Support about to teeter…


Comforts of Christ…Through Us


We are off to the side

Bustle passing us by

You have been OFF lately

I see it in the face

Disturbed and doubting.

But we have this time Friend

We have each other

Perhaps unreservedly.

We have prayer with confession

And our Lord is nigh.

You and I have no

Other honest friend

Except Him.

And He in us.

Imagine…He in us.

Not lessons or logarithms

Or striving legwork.

Let’s believe now

That we shall make headway.

In the Spirit first

Second with natural storehouses

And opportunities of chance.

Remember the eighty-fourth?

Blessed the one who

Goes through the valley of Baca

Valley of tears

And he learns to make

It a well of refreshment.

Next the rain fills the pools.

And smiling from an upward

Vantage point he gives thanks.

So now Friend…

Talk to me.

New life in this.


Psalm 84: 5-7

2 Corinthians 1: 6



The common room

is much abuzz

with chats and gossip

distress of news

and petty jealousies

fire the pot

and sully hearts

with darkened views.

but in the corner

Sally sits and

smiles at every

passing thing.

she little talks

amidst the din

where joyful noise

scarce enters in.

her family never

make the trip

or show with

trinkets to amuse.

the brother gone

who broke her heart

with every sort

of cruel abuse.

but Sister Helen

took the case

with simple prayers

and Gospel scenes

and brought the light

to Sally’s face

while others chafe

in moods obscene.

this common room

her joyful shrine

and hope raised up

for brighter times.

the look seems fixed

the mind apart

but rich the prize

in this dear heart.

Well With the World

Image result for mother and daughter on bike together


Sitting in parking lot by Shoppers Drug Mart at a busy Bridgeport Road. Hilary inside getting a prescription filled while I enjoy the cool and the sights in advance of fore-casted rains.

A mother age thirty something and a daughter probably thirteen pass by on the sidewalk riding together a bicycle with long banana seat. Daughter is holding on to Mom’s shoulders. Both are laughing and taking no stock of rush hour traffic. As if the shared journey might go on forever. Friends. Fellow travelers in simplest of communion. Probably an incident that daughter will cherish in memory in years to come.

Long-haired young man in jeans passes to my rear struggling with case of two-four beer. The look on his face suggests that he has found the best possible Thursday night in semi-final hockey on TV.

Switched on the car radio to hear broadcaster Tric Fletcher praying for needs in her radio audience/community. Names and challenges are named in all humility and hope. Never heard the likes of this before. Prayer. Yes prayer reaching the heart. Well done Faith FM .

For me the channel’s worth may be found in prayer, exhortation and song. Forget about the goofy contests with scarce wanted prizes. Even play down all the morning teaching times that make demi-gods out of old and celebrated Christian teachers. Giving the same old first base Gospel message.

But the big three that by-pass the mind and soulish realm for the spiritual and life giving bowels of compassion and heart. Yeah I am in for those items. Thanks to the venue. Press on for the Master.