“Stop You Dead” Encounter

He has read your mail

He has called your bluff

He has seen your cards

And they’re not enough

He has heard your thoughts

Watched your darkest deed

But He loves you still

And would have you freed.

You have tried them all

Silly hopes of men

Now you’re sitting still

Facing Him again

And so tired of games

And the constant fret

Of life’s vain treadmill

Just to gain and get

Is He speaking now

To your inner man

To break with it all

If you will, you can.

And a moment’s fear

Says you’re good as dead

Just a loathesome fool

With a swollen head

But He speaks for sure

And it’s to your heart

“I have plans for you

Now’s the time to start.”

Just like that dear Lord

Will you drop the list

Of the hearts I hurt

And the grace I missed?

“I am sovereign, Son

And my mercy stands.

And your slate wiped clean

By my nail-pierced hands.”

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Married and father of two. Living in Waterloo, Ontario. Workplace health and safety professional. Blogger. Poet. Nature hiker. History buff. Inspirational writer. Newsboy for Jesus.

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