Why Should I Gain from His Reward?

The hosts of Heaven wept

The Father held His ground

The Saviour hung in shame

With coarseness all around

The crowd saw only loss

Disciples hid from view

A Mother watched her dreams

Dismissed like morning dew.

And all the Man had said

And all that He had done

Could not prevent the hate

That stopped a mid-day’s sun

He begged on our behalf

That light would come, and soon

And mercy for our crimes

This great Plan to atone.

Now I have heard the tale

And I have sensed my debt

And I have mourned this Cross

Still, I am hopeful yet.

Just as a priest of old

By strictest ways and means

Christ bore me on His heart

And I am rendered clean.

I cannot comprehend

‘Twas me for whom he died

But at Redemption’s end

His pain, full satisfied.


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Married and father of two. Living in Waterloo, Ontario. Workplace health and safety professional. Blogger. Poet. Nature hiker. History buff. Inspirational writer. Newsboy for Jesus.

7 thoughts on “Why Should I Gain from His Reward?”

    1. Thanks Kathleen. The title came from the hymn How Deep the Fathers Love for Us. The poem just flowed from without me after two initial lines. Any song? You or a trusted collaborator have complete license from me. No pressure. I had just wanted to bless…Doug Blair

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  1. This is such a beautiful poem! Like Kathleen, I feel it just begs to be sung like a hymn. Thank you for sharing your post with me. May you continue to bless us and glorify our Lord Jesus Christ with your beautiful gift, my friend, IJN.


      1. Doug, that is simply beautiful! Your commentary on that passage from the Song of Solomon is so inspiring~ it blessed me so much today. Song of Solomon is so lovely but I always appreciate a commentary and what you wrote is just brilliant! You are very gifted.
        I did not know you had written an ebook!! How can I get a copy of your book? I love all your poems and devotional writing & know others who would be blessed by your writing gifts as much as I am. Is your book available in print also?
        Please let me know! Thanks so much for sharing your devotional with me today ~God bless you more & more!~Suzanne


  2. Suzanne blown away by your response. All my ebooks are found at issuu.com/dewane or at issuu.com/deedub51 They cover a wide variety of topics to help people of faith and wonder. Through the issuu.com site there is a mechanism to acquire hard copy. Another helpul resource for friends is Histouchalone found in the sidebar.


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