Messenger of Light

Flower in desert

Unforgettable testimony about 33 years ago. I will always think of that man with thanks:

The issues at the meeting were pretty straight-forward and business was concluded early. Discussion soon turned to men’s topics and got ’round to Christian faith. I was involved in the Anglican Church. Most of these men were Baptists.

I remember the Treasurer of the group, an accountant by profession, and seemingly proficient in business, bringing it to the topic of the Second Coming of Christ. This surprised me, a successful businessman with a beautiful young family apparently eager to leave a promising known present set of circumstances for something unknown and mystical. Or did he know more?

In my church the Bible books of Ezekiel, Daniel, First and Second Thessalonians and Revelation were considered to be mostly symbolic. I had never once heard a homily on the return of Jesus to this planet. These men went on to use terms like “saved” and “born-again”. I was dumbfounded.

Then the accountant turned to me and used words something like the following:
“Doug, I love my family and want only the best for them. If God bestows blessings in this life, and he certainly does, then I have been richly favoured in home, privileges and loved ones. But it is still a fallen world reeling in pain, violence and disappointment stemming from Adam’s rebellion in the Garden of Eden, way back at creation. The ultimate community which God promises has no strife, sickness, death, loneliness or fear. The Heavenly City will be full of purpose, love and praise. I would go tonight if He called. I pray that my family would be ready and included.”

This dear friend had taken a risk. He had spoken the seemingly ridiculous to his lawyer acquaintance. But his earnest face and words, and the picture which he painted accompanied me all the drive home down Highway 40 to Chatham under a beautiful starlit summer country sky.

This is one of the many influences then turning my attention toward Jesus (1982). The Holy Spirit has been crudely described as “the hound-dog of Heaven” giving people a convicting sense of their sin and need. He was working on me. I cannot give reasons. I can only give thanks.


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