One Hour at the Study Table

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Married and father of two. Living in Waterloo, Ontario. Workplace health and safety professional. Blogger. Poet. Nature hiker. History buff. Inspirational writer. Newsboy for Jesus.

2 thoughts on “One Hour at the Study Table”

  1. Thanks for sharing this. I especially relate to Psalm 84 right now. I spoke to my (non-Christian) father yesterday, and he wanted to know why, since I trusted God to do what’s best in this heart surgery thing, God wouldn’t just take it away from me in the first place. I was able to witness to him more effectively, I think, because he can see that my faith is strong through adversity as it was in good times. I need to remember that scared as I am, it is actually exciting that God is giving me something this hard. I will grow so much closer to Him in this than I was doing before it, and I will have more purpose and more compassion in ministry, than ever.


  2. Perhaps you are being too sense oriented in your understanding of ministry through suffering. Read second Corinthians first chapter. Invisible spiritual currency comes through suffering and consolation even to the salvation of strangers! Get ready to be surprised.


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