There’s a song in every Christian

And it speaks of rough sea crossed

And of dark nights of desertion

When the former hopes were lost

And the world would brand it weakness

And would silence the refrain

And would drum their battle marches

That precede the grief and pain

Hoping for no other trophy

Than another small tiff won

Never dreaming, never seeing

Total victory in God’s Son.

But the song would call Him gentle

Willing slave to all men’s worst

Brother, Helper, Saviour, Jesus

Matchless lyrics oft rehearsed.

Now perhaps you sense the music

Go ahead, relinquish, Soul

And delight in light and rescue

For the song has made you whole.

Note: I asked her for a large coffee with hazelnut flavour. Name-tag said “Rachel”. Upon her return I said “You have a marvelous name. Rachel, mother of Joseph in the Bible. You know coat of many colours. Betrayed by his brothers. Jail one day. Pharaoh’s right-hand man the next.”

Her brilliant young eyes registered surprise and interest. It appeared she was unfamiliar with the story. “How do you do that? Remember it all and say it so clearly?” (Poor kid – suffering the illiteracy and stifled imagination of this age.)

I responded with the next step of opportunity: “Why don’t you read about Joseph in Genesis. He was betrayed by those closest to him out of jealousy. Ended up in jail for no apparent wrong. But his wisdom and insight soon came to the attention of a troubled monarch with nightmares. Before he knew it he stood majestically beside the Pharaoh as second highest in the land. Now Rachel, when you think of Joseph, think also of Jesus and His trial, death and resurrection. Ascended once again to the right hand of God the Father in Heavenly splendour. Forgiving the wrongdoers. The one Bible character was a forecast of the other. Have a nice day Rachel, mother of Joseph.”

This too was another little verse of opportunity in the Opus.


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Married and father of two. Living in Waterloo, Ontario. Workplace health and safety professional. Blogger. Poet. Nature hiker. History buff. Inspirational writer. Newsboy for Jesus.

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