How to Receive, Or Not

Acts 10

I am Father

And I come

To where you are

Offering a gift.

You have already said

“Yes” to my Son

And you are the

Object of my Love undying.

I play no favourites

Except for the Christ

And He is in you.

Paths forever altered

Thrilling me to no end.

But will you

Say yes now?

You’ve heard of the Gift

I made sure of that.

Another measure

Of inner prompting,

Peace and power.

To bear witness.

To pray in ways


To journey more

Into my truth.

A Baptism

A second one

And in it I will

Have your tongue.

The Spirit leads

Your “self” concedes

And thrilling work gets done.

An offer made

And you will bless

Me in your “yes”

…Or not.

My kids are such

A varied lot.


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Married and father of two. Living in Waterloo, Ontario. Workplace health and safety professional. Blogger. Poet. Nature hiker. History buff. Inspirational writer. Newsboy for Jesus.

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