April 6th was my 65th birthday. A devotional verse came across my path, Isaiah 31:5. I thought to myself, Yeah I’ll take that one.

Then I wondered about other Bible chapters numbered 31. The list has some awesome entries:

Genesis 31 and Jacob takes his brides and children toward the Land of Promise.

Exodus 31 and God establishes Sabbath rest.

1 Samuel 31 and the death of Saul and sons for the rise of King David.

Job 31 and the great sufferer makes his last plea based on self-righteousness.

Psalm 31 and an abandoned sufferer thinks on God’s rescue (prophetic of Calvary)

Proverbs 31 and the invaluable diligent wife.

Isaiah 31 and the ultimate fall of all haughtiness and human resource. God becomes the only hope.

Jeremiah 31 and the promised New Covenant (echoed in Hebrews 8).

Ezekiel 31 and the humbling of all pharaohs to God’s sovereignty.

Quite a list leading to some delightful wanderings in hope.

I forwarded the Isaiah entry to my good friend Anthony in South Carolina. My surprise birthday gift that day had been a return airfare to Charleston S C from my family, and four days to visit with AG and Jody in late May. So happy about all of this (hence the image above showing 2 fiddler crabs on the sand).

Now how to prepare to meet in the flesh a dear internet friend of the past three and more years? Watch out for pre-conceived notions; saying too much too soon; trampling all over his menagerie of dogs; yielding to the touted tourist sites, when all I really want to do is co-exist with my friends and feel their love and warm surroundings (gators included).

So thankful for this to Hilary and Lauren and Jordan. And they kept the secret very well although bursting.


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