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Fully intend to see Mel Gibson’s movie Hacksaw Ridge. True story about a soldier who would only serve in the Pacific theatre in WW2 without a gun. He would save lives as a medic while his mates called him coward and challenged the Sermon on the Mount at every turn.

Pacifist. Rescuer. Prayer warrior. Ultimately an inspiration.

All around us we have fights and the tough guy and cynic is lauded as hero. Elections. Labour disputes. Jurisprudence. Sports. Entertainments. Workplaces.

I am so tired of the constant sour one-upmanship. Ruins teamwork. Buries sensitivity and help. Stifles honest communication. Hardens the conscience.

And Jesus comes along smiling and stooping and listening and helping… and turning the other cheek. The observer is provoked and puzzled. But some ultimately turn in with the valiant Man of Peace and Mercy.

On my site you will find an eBook entitled True Heroism. Have a look.

(Postscript: Last night November 12th I went alone to see the film. Probably would have missed it on the big screen otherwise. Couldn’t believe the carnage and confusion in battle. Flame-throwers and grenades and dismembered bodies. The first part of the film fairly peaceful in Virginia before enlistment. The second part facing an immense cliff with rope ladders rigged to the top and multitudes of Japanese here on Okinawa and hidden even with tunnels underground. The protagonist Desmond Doss drags over 70 men out of the hell (even alone after a general American retreat) and lowers them by rope to friends beneath. On the last and successful assault no one proceeds until their friend has prayed to his satisfaction for the attempt. He is finally wounded and lowered to medical care. An intense image remains of him showering in the sunlight with blood and water splashing all around from his person. Blood and water…the same combination in Christ)


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Married and father of two. Living in Waterloo, Ontario. Workplace health and safety professional. Blogger. Poet. Nature hiker. History buff. Inspirational writer. Newsboy for Jesus.

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