Heard an old hymn early this morning. Its refrain said:

Oh spread the tidings round

Wherever man is found

The Comforter has come.

It didn’t say the power gifts or miracles or utterance had come (First Corinthians 12). It said comfort. See the appropriateness of this in Second Corinthians 1: 3-6.

Comfort, compassion, identification and empathy. These were the starting points for Jesus’ astonishing ministry. They were birthed in his being tested hurt and misunderstood. Consider Hebrews 5: 7-10.

This is what the Holy Spirit accomplishes within us above all else. Comfort, steadiness and the heart to comfort others.

But it appears the so called Full Gospel assemblies do not want to hear this. They dream of big opportunity for a big yield of souls, healing and success. They teach one another how to operate in spiritual gifts. Imagine presuming to learn a gift into being! It is GIFTED. It is introduced by Bible words of life.

Get low and get alone. Focus upon Jesus’ walk in the four Gospels. Pray humbly for direction for the day. As best you can be ready always to give an answer to the one who asks for the reason for your hope with meekness and reverence.

It will probably be in a one on one encounter. See the Lord in John chapters 3, 4 and 9.




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3 thoughts on “Comfort”

  1. This reminded me of my early church experiences, and how I thought then. I am reflecting on when I cared about what the church thought more than God did. When I needed a building of bleeding souls inside, just as I was to hear from God or get a word from God. When I believed so much non-sense and behavior modification. I forgot how real relationships work, and realized mine was shallow. The more I am alone with God the more I have to offer anybody, including myself.

    Thank you for sharing


    1. Copy-cat in the sanctuary. I have a poem entitled Misrepresentation. Getting alone with Jesus. There are some who will call us out as odd. Many of them are just lusting for some sort of following or looking for endorsement for half cooked ways. Beware! Our ONLY Providence is the SHEPHERD OF OUR SOULS.

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      1. Being part of the body is my struggle. Is it funny how we can put so much energy into cultivating a facade, a fake representation of a relationship with Jesus. For some odd reason though we cannot put the same amount of energy into actually having a relationship. We would rather the smoke show? It really is not easy to pretend or is it? What is the point? Why do we do it?


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