But Veronica Is Not Biblical?

I wish that she were! Many stations of the Cross in Catholic settings will show the scene with Christ facing the loving and sympathetic gaze of Veronica. He is on His Via Dolorosa. Surrounded by cynicism, mocking, hate and murderous intent. Recently I saw an example of the image in the chapel at St. Mary’s Hospital, Kitchener.

This woman offers her shawl, clean and white, to soothe the face of the Master and to remove blood, sweat and grime. Mel Gibson’s movie gives the scene a large portion.

Tradition and hype would go on to say that the precious cloth was later discovered as the Shroud of Turin bearing the facial image of the suffering Saviour.

This is a wonderful tribute to the compassion shown in the women of the Gospels. Many who related much more clearly to the burden bearing and pain of the Saviour: Mary of Bethany, the widow of Nain, the woman at Jacob’s well, the woman caught in adultery and brought to the feet of Jesus, Mary Magdalene, Mary the mother of our Lord, the importunate Gentile mother with deathly ill daughter.

I have shown an image of Veronica’s sweet gesture in the sidebar here. Perhaps now you understand why. OK?


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