In His Rays


Oh to see

On Galilee

The thrilling works

Of love

When Jesus sought

The bruised distraught

And pictured

Home above.

And nothing made

Him panic

Nor shirk the chance

To heal

He made the time

In works sublime

That every child

Might feel

How we must have

Love’s stamina

To bless in Christ-like ways

And bring the touch

That He used much

With healing in His rays.





The Musts


Oh I must be doing this or that. Following the check lists. Crossing the T’s.

Hold on a minute. This pressure might be coming from some articulate pastor or teacher or personal study. But it is Law and the failure rate is 100 percent.

Jesus said take my yoke upon yourself and learn of me. Follow me.
You are to operate like the ocean sponge. He soaks continually in the ocean’s brine and becomes increasingly Ocean.

Oswald Chambers once said something to this effect: Pray often and repent of any apparent sins. Keep short accounts with God. Live frequently in the 4 Gospels and Psalms. Converse with Jesus in relaxed and friendly fashion. Then your common sense conclusions will be the will of God for you. Elsewhere King David says commit your ways unto the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart (psalm 37).