Only the Love of God


When they’ve tried the best here offered
And they’ve watched the systems fail
Seen the pointlessness of battles
And their leaders sent to jail
When they’ve watched a Mother grieving
With her baby limp in death
And the countryside denuded
Missing joy from one bird’s breath
When they plead to save the planet
But they cannot cleanse the heart
When their fables are all wicked
Doubt and death occlude their art
Then they might just dump the culture
That denies our God is real
And embrace the Heart so willing
To enlighten and to heal.
His a passion that transcends all
That we ever saw of love
And invites those poor in spirit
To the Triune bliss above.
Yes God bowed down so meekly
To the terrors of this place
That one death might bring deliverance
And abundant songs of Grace.