This Much I Do*


The soil smells of promise

Low spots all dried up

Last year’s scruff calling for turnover

Team watches me adjust the discs

Shaking heads as trappings jangle

Anson will take the left this year

Old Caleb the right

Two young uns midst

And still learnin’ the trade

Much too eager yet

Competitive, even

I call the straight and narrow

Rooks above call the tune

For mid-afternoon outing

As clouds race merrily above

Knowing this wind is spring

And the blue not a disappointment

Right hand hurts

With the arthritis

Thankfully left still has the tug and touch

Anson gets the message

As if those reins were telegraph

And we’re off for first acreage

All the old metal squeaking with joy

Father used to talk to it

As I clung to his right

Feeling every rock through steel seat.

At the headland Caleb plants

His power as fulcrum

Ansen choreographs the sweep

Good sports all

And back we go

Fine pace setting in

As April gets ready to leave.

Late season with those snows

God is good.


* for the prize of the high calling (Philippians 3)


Fred Still Going

‘Confess your faith with appropriating actions following’ (Yeah that’s good Fred. Thank you)

“It’s about money.” (Philippians 4) (Aw, why’d you go and parrot that Fred?)

Don’t go for the PhD in Worrying. Cast all your cares upon Him (That’s good Fred. End strong.)

A Good Connection
(Taken from a sermon by John G. Lake entitled “Sin in the Flesh”)

…after you have fed on the Word, and your spirit is open to the truth of confession, you can’t bottle God up. You can’t lock him up. It has been God’s method throughout all the ages to speak to people through those that are in right relation with Himself, and when you are in right relation with Him, the most normal and natural thing is, that He will use you to communicate Himself to others, and so you act as the medium through which He is to pour His message, by song or by testimony, or by prayer or by some other means; but you are His medium, you are His testifier, you are His spokesman, you are His instrument through which He is going to work. Beautiful, isn’t it?

Now you see what keeps you in perfect communion, because you have to continually get new messages all the time from Him, so you live in perfect fellowship with Him, feeding on His Word, and telling out the things He does for you. And no Christian is safe that hasn’t a NOW experience with the Lord, because sickness can come on you and you have no power to throw it off. You have your NOW experience in your spirit, and you are continually in contact, and the spiritual power is coming down and going back and forth continually. Things are coming down and things are going up-from Him to you and you to Him-down through your spirit. You have a beautiful picture: angels ascending and descending. It is the thoughts of God coming down and your thoughts going back. Him feeding on you, and you feeding on Him.

…Now if your spirit has reached the place where it has no appetite for the things of God, you have been playing hooky. You have been feeding on things that you ought not to eat, and you have compelled your poor spirit to feed on trash and cheap scandal and cheap talk and useless talk, wise cracking and everything, and you have never given your spirit any really healthy food for a long time, and the poor thing is dying of hunger.

Do you understand me now? You can’t get your healing until you get your spiritual healing…The healing you want is not physical but spiritual. You get right, and get adjusted so you are feeding on the Word, and so you are giving public testimony, and you will be well or in a condition to get well.

I Didn’t Know

I didn’t know

And had to ask where they had laid him

Got the news

From frightened Jews

All prospects looked grim

And he the one

Whom I so loved and sisters tender

And all their fare

And comfort rare I will remember.

The tomb apart

And every heart was weeping sorely

I felt their loss

As my own Cross loomed large before me

And Martha said

Would he be dead if you had hurried?

And Mary’s tears

Bespoke the fears of all who worried.

Not always so

Short time ago I walked in Glory

Forsook my throne

This pain to own; Salvation’s story.

But now the deed

From death be freed, my loyal brother

Yes Lazarus rise

Let mortal eyes new life discover.

John 11: 25 Jesus said unto her, I am the resurrection, and the life: he that believeth in me, though he were dead, yet shall he live:

26 And whosoever liveth and believeth in me shall never die. Believest thou this?

Making Disciples

Better the storm with Jesus,
Better the wind and waves.
Better the strain at sea, than
Comfort the worldling craves.

Better the toil with Jesus,
Better the cost of love.
Better his servant’s wage, than
Riches from push and shove.

Better the shame with Jesus,
Better the sneers and scorn.
Better the world’s reproach, than
Praise of the Devil born.

Better the trial with Jesus,
Better the laboured prayer.
Better the night of faith, than
Shallow days free from care.

Better the cross with Jesus,
Better the wounded side.
Better the taken hurt, than
Hurt given back in pride.

Better the grave with Jesus,
Better the death to self.
Better the Father’s will, than
Comfort and praise and wealth.

Better the life with Jesus,
Better the hope of gain.
As with him we may suffer,
So with him we shall reign!

Romans 8:18 – For I reckon that the sufferings of this present time are not worthy to be compared with the glory which shall be revealed in us.