Never Met Such a Judge

The seat’s for her

Don’t say different.

And those little ones

Right beside.

Let your faces

Show a welcome.

Dump your postures

Dump your pride.

No she missed

The teaching series.

Coming new here

Without shine.

And she needs some care

That’s obvious.

But she’s precious

And she’s mine.

The collection

Will scarce miss her

But she gives much more

You see.

She is needy

And she knows it

And she’s not ashamed of me.

Much unlike

The current fashion

Where the name of Christ

Is hid.

Talk of marriages

And finance

And the way to tame that kid.

And the suppers

Pot-luck pretty

And the baseball when it’s hot.

She is seeking out

My City.

And you trendy bunch

Are NOT.

So the lesson

Sits among you

And the litmus test is here.

Come up forward

Gracious daughter

At my feet

Where all is clear.

Pilgrim Encounters

sunshine through trees

They are on the road
And the way gets tough
And they often doubt
If they’re strong enough.
And I meet them there
Offering up a smile
And we share some shade
And we talk a while.
They have come from far
But the vision stays
As they seek their God
And His righteous ways.
He is all their light
And their choicest fare
And He leaves His jewels
For them everywhere.
In a thought of home
In a bird’s sweet tune
In the morning star
In the brilliant noon
In the hush at dusk
With the day’s work done.
In the Good Book’s tale
Of His valiant Son.
They are never left
Stranded in the lurch.
And each fragrant bower
Is for them a Church.
And I think I’ll join
In their pilgrim way
‘Long the upward road
To Eternal Day.

Into Our Stuff


Just once in all our human flood

Perfection took on flesh and blood

And left a Heavenly throne

He came into a dusty land

And clung unto a Hebrew band

To make their plight His own.

A precious, faithful lass His door

As once the prophet said before

Omitting sin’s seed sown.

And He held title to our pain

And sampled every mortal strain

And for our sin atoned.

Oh let the halls of worship ring

This Carpenter our God and  King

And we no more alone.

Ascended, where from whence He came

Messiah then His hard-earned name

And all of Love’s Plan shown.

(Image by Jordan Blair, Montreal)



When I think upon you, Lord

Leave the rush of cark and care

Set my troubles clear aside

Resolute to find you there.

You will never disappoint

You address each hurting soul

Draw the heart to Gospel tales

Bring it back to vigour, whole.

Nothing but your Word brings life

Nothing but your touch brings joy

Nothing but your alchemy

Yields the gold from sin’s alloy.